5 Ways to Get through the Day


Self-care is an everyday practice and it is imperative that you are giving yourself care daily. I know one of the hardest task I face is starting my week off in a positive light. Mondays are always about getting back in grind mode and setting the tone for your work week. If my head game is not intact before I walk into my week I am a grouchy, not before my coffee type of individual. I realized that this type of negativity sets the tone for a negative day and a negative week. However, I’ve realized that the more I prepare my mental the more positive outcomes I have throughout the week. These top five strategies are my daily practice to get through Mondays and every day following:

  1. Affirm your day

I was one to always judge people who practice affirmations as weirdos who talked to themselves all day.  However, what I discovered was the more positive self-talk I practiced the more upbeat my day was. It is okay to be your biggest cheerleader. Practice whatever words of encouragement you must to get through the day. You know the saying “Garbage in Garbage out” build your day around positivity and watch the changes unfold.


  1. Pray, meditate, or journal

Another way to lift your mood is to find moments of peace. Whichever method you decide all set the tone for peace in your day. It’s like you create a wall of protection that no one can penetrate.  “Protecting your peace” as my favorite motivation speaker Trent Shelton would say is by far a great practice. This means that nothing or no one can disturb your peace because you set the intention.


  1. Your Playlist is everything!!

I don’t know about you, but music sets the beat for just about everything I do. For example, If I am headed to work I have a playlist that is more hip-hop related because it’s all about the hustle. Working in a sales environment pushes me to be competitive therefore, my playlist embodies that mindset.


  1. Step away for a few moments

It is ok to take a break from the task at for just a few moments. Fresh air is the best way for me to refocus on a task. I know that if I stay focused on something for too long I end up getting nothing accomplish. It is imperative that I carve time out of my day to gain a clear perspective to the task at hand.


  1. Stop complaining

Yes, you heard me correctly. I am the first to admit that when I may not like something I have thrown my own pity party. The truth of the matter is no one cares. Let it go and move on with your day. There are far too many pressing issues that need your attention and the time and energy you’ve spent complaining only delays the inevitable. You still must complete the task so, suck it up buttercup.

These are very simple but necessary tools that can be applied to your day. I know implementing these principles will take some time and commitment, but consistency is key. I know for me it really took some time to commit to changing how I focus my day and I’ll admit somedays are complex. However, it is better to ask myself at the end of the day how did I make this day better then yesterday then pity myself for not making any change.

-You are Worth the risk

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