You are Worth a Resolution


I believe resolutions are unrealistic. I believe if you get real with who you are, accept the flaws, deal with the reasons as to why you want to change, and become an overall better person. Every new year you will say I am a better version of me and that is all that matters.

Resolution is defined as “the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) some synonyms associated with this word are intention, resolve, and determination. I want to focus on resolve because I believe this is where I’ve struggled in the past.

I was the girl every New Year who would quote religiously “new year, new me.” The problem with this statement is that nothing changed because on the surface I was fine but internally ya girl was a mess. I decided that it was time that I made a change to resolve the issues that were keeping me from making the changes that needed to happen. What followed was an amazing discovery.

1. Get real

This one was probably the hardest task. This meant that I would have to search within, pray, fast, meditate, and dig deep. I would have to accept some decisions that brought me to the present and realize that I would have to work on each item in their importance.

2. Stop blaming others

It wasn’t anyone fault but my own as to why I was in my current circumstance. Take responsibility for your actions. It’s no one fault but your own that you ate that second slice of pecan pie.

3. Be kind to yourself

Get out your head change doesn’t happen overnight it’s a process of error and correction.

4. Get Help
Some issues maybe deeper than the surface. It is ok to talk to someone who maybe able to give you a different outlook. I know this is a tough one because you are admitting that you may not be as strong as you look. The issue with this is that you limit yourself from growing.

5. Love yourself

This is by far the best thing you can do for yourself. When you start giving love back to yourself it’s a spiritual awakening. You realize that this love goes beyond superficial. You see the beauty in your flaws you acknowledge them and give yourself an opportunity to flourish.

Once I begin to apply these steps to my life I realized that I didn’t have to wait until the new year for the changes to take place. I was ever evolving. However, if 01/01/2018 is the day that you begin to resolve so be it. Keep pushing forward and become the best version of yourself. Most importantly make the changes for you. Happy New Year!!

-You are Worth the Risk

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